All passengers on the Winery Tours must be over the age of 18

Passengers will ensure that all dog(s):

Are in good health - are up to date with all worming, flea treatments and C5 vaccinations and must be desexed. The passenger will agree to provide copies of these before the departure date.

All dogs must be desexed - and a copy to be  provided.

Advise Ozi Dogs of any medical conditions, medication and/or treatments that the dog(s) may have prior to departure date.

All dog(s) need to be wearing an ID tag 

All dog(s) are required to be well socialised with other dogs and able to be comfortable with humans.

Ozi Dogs will advise guests of any cancellations 24hrs prior to departure and will then offer an alternative date.  Ozi Dogs reserves the right to change the destination or reschedule of any tour due to circumstances beyond our control eg: bush fire or flood and deemed unsafe