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Terms & Conditions:

Ozi Dogs agree to perform the services with due care at all times.

We reserve the right to refuse any request that we deem inappropriate, unreasonable or illegal.

We may provide the services to you using our employees, contractors and third-party providers and they are included in these terms.

We are not responsible or liable for the products or services provided by third parties eg: individual wineries, who are not our employees or our direct contractors, including but not limited to sines, meals and vineyard activities.


 In booking your tour with us, you agree that you are responsible for the behaviour of your dog(s) at all times and assume any liability incurred (including any costs) associated with any damage to our vehicles or persons by your dog(s).

By booking your tour with us, you agree that your dog(s) will use the supplied seat belt at all times as required by law.

Passengers will ensure that all dog(s) are up to date with flea, tick & worming treatments and provide a current C5 vaccination certificate upon booking.

Passengers will ensure that all dogs(s):

Need to be wearing an ID tag

All dogs are required to be well socialised with other dogs and able to be comfortable with humans.

Ozi Dogs will not be responsible for any unforeseen breakages of wine bottles purchased during the tour.


Full payment is required upon booking to secure your seat.


We will do  our best to accommodate any requests or variations to our services and to organise activities and tour which suit your tastes and requirements.   Ozi Dogs will advise guests of any cancellations 24hrs prior to departure and will then offer an alternative date.

Ozi Dogs reserves the right to change the destination or reschedule of any tour due to circumstances beyond our control eg: bush fire or flood and deemed unsafe.

Cancellations made with less than 72 hour's notice, no refund will be provided.

If cancelled 14 days before the tour date, you are entitled to a 75% refund.

If cancelled 28 days before the tour date, you are entitled to a 100% refund.


I understand that I am participating in the wine tour at my own risk. 

I acknowledge that I am of legal drinking age (18 years or older) to participate in this event.  I am participating in these activities and hereby agree to accept any and all risks of injury and/or death and disclaim any liability against the released parties.  

I do hereby fully release and discharge the Company (Ozi dogs) and their agents, officers, manager, staff, volunteers and affiliates (collectively, the "Released Parties") from any and all liability, claims and causes of action from injuries or illness (including death), damages or loss to themselves or their dog(s) which i may have or which may accrue to me on account of participation in all activities regarding the wine tour, including but not limited to any injury that occurs at one of the wine tour stops.  This is a complete and irrevocable release and waiver of liability claim, or cause of action or any claim arising out of the released parties' negligence. 

I covenant not to bring any action or claim against the released parties for any alleged liabilities, claims, or causes of action released hereunder.

In addition, the Released Parties are not responsible for any loss  or theft to personal property brought to the wine tour or left at one of the stops along the tour and I release the Released Parties from any liability for such loss or theft.

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